About us

Infornet Group

We are Venezuelan company founded in the year 1996, conformed by a multidisciplinary team, professionals of high performance and supreme level. We offer integral technological solutions, being our main objective; The development of administrative accounting systems and / or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Adapted to the requirements of each company and exceeding their expectations under a high quality concept due to the new standards of commercial competence. Our main ideal is to meet the needs and priorities of our customers above the budget of your organization with reliable and innovative solutions. Simply leave your ideas in our hands, so that they can be channeled into a satisfying reality.

Meeting the needs and priorities of our clients above the budget of your organization with:

»Excellence in care and support.

»Reliable and innovative solutions.

»Quality in integral service.

»Highly trained team.

»Ethical and professional values.

To be the organization of integral solutions in computer science that manages to satisfy all the needs of its clients, with an organization based on efficient implementation processes, clear guidelines, focus towards the achievement of concrete goals, excellence and quality in service, and a competitive environment.

Why Us

  • Personalized and direct attention.
  • Frequent updates.
  • Confidentiality in the internal processes of our clients.
  • Constant technological improvement of our administrative systems.
  • Constant supply of technical support.
  • We have a portfolio of select and satisfied customers.
  • Evolution and evaluation of our software progress.
  • High quality in the process of information.
  • Company founded in 1996, we have more than 12 years of experience.
  • Proven experience in administrative solutions.
  • Professionally trained and highly qualified personnel.
  • Technological avant-garde electronic security.
  • Responsible, secure and holistic organization.
  • Faithful believers in the perfection of work.
  • Support technical support when you need it.
Graphic Design 90%
IT Support 80%
Networking Support 80%
Security Installations 70%
Software Development 90%
Web Design 90%